Frequently Asked Questions

If you still need any assisatace, please contact us at 407-906-4661

Click signup via top of the screen or You Can Create An Account During The Checkout Process. You Can Also Call Us Directly At 407-906-4661 And We Will Be More Than Happy To Help You Or Even Fill Out Our Contact Form.

Our meals are 6oz Protein, 4oz Side, 4oz Side. Roughly 16oz-20oz per meal

We try to source as organically and as locally as possible. There are instances where our organic suppliers are unable to fulfill our orders. In these cases, rather than risk delivering an inconsistent product, we will opt for an alternate and possibly not organic supplier who can deliver the entire order. That being said, we are proud to serve only grass-fed beef, free-range and hormone-free poultry, cage-free eggs, wild-caught seafood, and non-GMO produce.

Your first charge will incur when you place your first order. Moving forward, you will be charged on Fridays. We are a hybrid subscription service and our system will generate a ‘suggested order’ for the following week every Friday. This order can be edited in any way you like as long as all changes are submitted by Thursday at 11 PM. If you select fewer meals than were initially suggested, you will be automatically credited the difference. If you select more meals, you’ll be charged the difference.

While we do not charge a bag deposit upon sign-up, we do rely on reusing the cooler bags. Simply leave the empty bags outside ahead of your next delivery and our driver will make a swap. If you are canceling service or taking a break, let us know and we’ll arrange a pick-up. There is a bag fee that we intend to never charge–we will give you a second, third, fourth, fifth chance, etc to return the bags. The fee is $20 per bag and is only charged when all other options are exhausted. We do not reuse ice packs to ensure fresh packs are always used for sanitary purposes, so feel free to keep them.

Sundays & Wednesdays 3pm to 9pm

New menu for the new delivery week is every Friday, all active weekly auto reorders will be billed when new menu is out (so each Friday). Orders will be picked for you each Friday and the deadline to edit those changes via your dashboard is every Thursday night 11pm