Fresh-N-Healthy is the perfect recipe of chef created and dietitian inspired health meals that are conveniently delivered to your home or office. Fresh-N-Healthy offers fully customized meals and many programs to suit your dietary and weight management goals such as: Gluten-Free, Paleo, Kids Meals, Diabetes Friendly, Weight Loss, Athletic Nutrition and more! Fresh-N-Healthy is always fresh, locally sourced when able and most importantly NEVER FROZEN! To ensure freshness we deliver twice a week every Monday & Thursday conveniently in insulated cooler bags. Sounds good right??…We’re not done yet – browse the site and if you any questions give us a call at 407-906-4661.

  • NEVER EVER FROZEN! We only source local ingredients when possible. Never the use of ingredients that contain any GMO, antibiotics or hormones. Our chef inspired menus include breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinners.

  • We deliver twice a week to your home or office. Save time with our prepared meals, each meal is individually packaged and easily can be thrown away after use. Busy and do not have time to order? We can even order your meals for you based your eating habits and preferences!

  • Fresh-n-Healthy saves you time and money every week. Never have to wash dishes again, pay for groceries just to have them spoil, wait in long fast food drive thru lines or even worse…get stuck in traffic again! **Avgerage savings of $20 per individual using FNH as opposed to organic grocery shopping at your local market

  • We stand behind our meals and our members 100%. If you open your container and you don’t like the way your meal is looking at you, let us know and we’ll make it right for you. Consider it your personal complimentary meal insurance.



Whether looking to lose weight, add mass, or just want to maintain the same weight but begin eating healthier, one of our weight management programs will be a perfect fit for you.


Fresh-N-Healthy personalized athletic program is a registered dietitian dictated diet in which helps to optimize your training results. Performing at your best starts from what you put you into your body, if its Fresh-N-Healthy, you’re one step closer to becoming a champion!


Specialized menu tailored for both pregnant mothers in their third trimester of pregnancy and during the first 8 weeks post-natal. Third trimester nutrition is important not just for the mother, but for the newborn especially if breastfeeding. The post-natal program will help new moms adjust to proper nutrition which will help aid in losing the “baby weight.”


Most of our meals are gluten-free friendly. If a certain meal is not gluten-free but you wish us to make a gluten-free version of it, just let your culinary concierge know and we will try our best to accommodate.


Fresh-n-Healthy Meals are all diabetic friendly, in that they do not cause as high or quick spike in blood sugar. Our Registered Dietician can work with your doctor to minimize or eliminate the processed carbs in your diet which can cause the rise in blood sugar levels. Contact us for your personalized plan today!


Accommodating all but not limited to: Vegetarian, Double Protein, Paleo (CrossFit Diet), Kids Meals and More!



$9 meal

Prepaid 100 meals. One time charge $900 (Savings of $200 in free meals). Meals never expire -use only when you want! *For your convenience will renew at or under 15 meals, if you chose to not be auto renewed, please contact your culinary concierge before your account is at or below 15 meals. **Price does not include tax + delivery.


$11 meal

MealMedal_WatchNo Contracts or Meal Minimum – order when you want! This is our starters package, a way to try out the service. Order as many or as little meals as you wish. *Price does not include tax & delivery.



Delicious food and fun atmosphere. Was a guest of honor for their grand opening event. Lamar Miller - RB Houston Texans & U of Miami

**Results May Vary

Thank you Fresh N Healthy Meals for fueling our players up during the season. Our players, staff and front office enjoyed your service and we look forward to having you guys back year after year.FTL Strikers - Professional Soccer Team

**Results May Vary

Stacy lost 45 lbs in 8 weeks combining Fresh N Healthy and her workout program together.

I could not get over how great the food tasted. My concierge walked me through my two months diet plan, after it was done, she helped me transition into the weight management program. #Flexin with my #freshnhealthymealsStacy

**Results May Vary