• NEVER EVER FROZEN! We only source local ingredients when possible. Never the use of ingredients that contain any GMO, antibiotics or hormones. Our chef inspired menus include breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinners.

  • Fresh-n-Healthy saves you time and money every week. Never having to wash dishes again, pay for groceries just to have them spoil, wait in long fast food drive thru lines or even worse…get stuck in traffic again! **Average savings of $20 per individual using FNH as opposed to organic grocery shopping at your local market


    • We deliver twice a week to your home or office. Save time with our prepared meals, each meal is individually packaged and easily can be thrown away after use. Busy and do not have time to order? We can even order your meals for you based on your eating habits and preferences!

  • We stand behind our meals and our members 100%. If you open your container and you don’t like the way your meal is looking at you, let us know, we’ll make it right for you. Consider it your personal complimentary meal insurance.