What Is Fresh-N-Healthy Meals?

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What Is Fresh-n-Healthy Meals?

Fresh-n-Healthy Meals is the most convenient way to eat healthy while saving time and money. With Fresh-n-Healthy chef created health meals, you will be hard pressed to find value like this. Each of our chef created meals are pre portioned designed for your personalized meal program. We deliver twice a week, Monday and Thursday, depending on if you choose home or office delivery, your meal bag should arrive either before 7am or 12noon for office delivery. You get to choose your meals from our menu of over 30 items which rotates on a weekly basis. Fresh-N-Healthy offers you own Culinary Concierge to help walk alongside your wellness journey. They will know your likes/dislikes, allergies, when your in-laws are coming in town (we know you will need extra dessert for that visit), your nutritional preference is their duty to remember so they can provide you with the most current information available towards your nutritional goals. Fresh-N-Healthy also offers two money saving options if you decide to utilize our services for an extended period of time saving you between $100 and $500 total.

Fresh-N-Healthy caters to all dietary needs: Gluten-free, Lactose intolerant, Diabetes, Oncology Patients, Expectant and Post Natal pregnancy diets, Child Obesity, Vegan, Vegetarian, and More!

Fresh-N-Healthy has a network of health and wellness professionals who strive to bring you the same top notch service, giving you exclusive savings only Fresh-N-Healthy members can obtain! Personal Training, Gym Memberships, Fitness Classes and More! All your favorite health and wellness activities at discounted prices!

  • Farm-To-Table
    • Preservative, GMO and hormone free
    • Made fresh daily
    • Locally sourced when available
  • Never Be Boring!
    • Create weekly menus of rotating items
    • Allow members to request menu items
    • Social media contest monthly
  • Chef Created – Dietitian Inspired
    • Professional Executive Chefs personalize each meal with Registered Dieticians dictating nutritional guidelines for recipes
    • Utilizing seasonal super foods to help fuel body with clean and natural foods
    • Work with our chef to personalize your own meals. Don’t see an item you want, send us an email at info@freshnhealthymeals.com and we will try our best to accommodate your request
  • Sharing The Love!
    • We have a network of health, wellness, and fitness professionals in which they offer special discounts for our Fresh-N-Healthy members
    • Registered Dietitian offers free 15 minute initial consultation for prepaid program members
    • 24/7 Customer Support

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